I was talking with a friend of mine today: he says he’s lonely. He’s surrounded by people, by “Tier 2” & “Tier 3” friends. But he says all he wants is a “Tier 1” friend with whom he can share his whole life. Perhaps he should just “settle” into a loveless marriage with a girlfriend pursuing him? Maybe then he’ll avoid the nagging loneliness that pursues him throughout the day. But that won’t cure the lonely.  A lonely that is pushing him towards questioning the “meaning” to his life.

He’s 26. As am I. We’re still babies some would say. Yet many of us in this age range are battling with such complex circumstances and such huge universal doomsday questions, that some others may say we are being thrusted into a position for which we we may not truly be ready, but is making us grow up, fast, nonetheless. This certain chaos  throughout the world has been feeding off the base ego of man. It is crescendoing up to a climax.  When we get there, either ego will lead it to implode upon its own dissonance or we may yet resurrect Kali and ride the decrescendo back to a point of harmony. Will our generation live up to its potential?

Painting by Jessica Juarez

We feel the full weight of knowing there was something, subtle, that our parent generation missed. And something of which the generation between us and that of our children are being robbed. We are fully aware that we are soon going to be coming into our own. Into our power. Into our era. Our chapter in history. And it is going to be up to us to do something about the state of the union of humanity.

My friend complained of not having anyone to share this seemingly hopeless life with. Who can validate his existence? If not another soul? What’s the point of living, if not to share energy with another? His happiness was in the hands of others. His happiness depends on energy outside himself.

However, not until you yourself are happy, do you start to resonate on that frequency and begin to harmonize with others on that frequency. Suddenly, voila! Happy people outside your Self are making you happy! But it doesn’t happen until you first heal yourself and reach a point of contentment and happiness.

We are one organism having multiple experiences. By interacting with other parts of our Self, we can begin to put the pieces of the puzzle back together and come closer to a wholistic vantage of this human experience. Therefore, our happiness ultimately lies within ourself.

And so happiness is not something you find outside of yourself, but something you create within. Only when each and every one of us take on the personal responsibility to heal ourselves and actualize our ideal selves will humanity reach harmony. We are all one note in the symphony of life, and unless we are kink out the sweet dissonance within our own self, will we be able to kink out the dissonance throughout the earth.


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5 responses to “Happiness…

  • nickwardscenarios

    to seek out the lonliest state is helpful for meditation. Do you believe it? The key to me – and this is wonderfully expressed by Yogananda – is that the imagination must come into play in pranayama practice – kriya yoga – that’s as hard for scientific types as it is easy for mystical-poetic (visualising) types. As the breath is expelled the prana flows in – and, likewise, on the in-breath, the prana is expelled. It is the ‘negative breath’. The mind, aided by the imagination, follows the prana which can cure all bodily ills and regenerate cells faster than the natural processes of aging – but to do a Babaji you’d have to be something pretty special. Do you want it? Eternal life = 0

    • Resurrecting Kali

      Ive only tried pranayama twice on my own (hilariously & interestingly because of an app I downloaded for my android phone that leads you through it). I did not know all this about it. This is so illuminating, thank you! Does it help to have a teacher or can you do it on your own?

  • nickwardscenarios

    you can do it on your own – useful way to keep warm on a cold night… that was a great discovery for me having read about Tibetan yogis sleeping out in the snow, naked, and not quite believing it!… yes, it really works – allow the prana to warm your extremities and have a clear picture of the ‘subtle’ body(chakras are the gateways to the physical) – and if it helps hear a guiding voice saying ‘you can do it!’

  • banjo nick

    •more on this subject: Lahiri Mayasaya

  • nickwardscenarios

    ‘patanjali expressly advises the practitioner to practice pranayama only after attaining perfection in asana’

    This appeared as a search-term on my dash-board yesterday… what do you think ‘perfection in asana’ means?

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